The Natural Properties in Argan Oil

Vitamin E- A potent antioxidant that quenches free radicals. Vitamin E helps slow damage to the skin and combats the natural elements associated with the aging process. On a cellular level, it protects cell membranes from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It is also responsible for the repair of wounds and regeneration of tissue. Helps lock in moisture, providing a natural barrier against environmental pollutants.
Essential Fatty Acids- Includes Omega-6, Omega-9 and Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. These help facilitate the body’s ability to produce prostaglandins, which control cell growth, and help reduce inflammation.
Carotenes- Protects the skin from UV damage, by reducing sun sensitivity. It also facilitates cell reproduction to help repair damage.
Squalene- Reduces the appearance of scarring and stretch marks, by reducing the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer of the skin. A naturally derived organic moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.
Polyphenol- A natural phenol that is an essential nutrient in repairing skin damage. It’s also celebrated for its ant-inflammatory, and anti-septic properties.
Sterols- Therapeutic benefits prevent and minimize wrinkles in the skin caused by the aging process. It works by retaining the skins natural moisture balance. Increases skin elasticity in the dermis.
Triterpene Alcohols- Decreases skin inflammation caused by acne, eczema, and psoriasis.