Cold Pressed

How it’s Done

Arganseed 100% organic Argan oil is extracted using the cold press method. It is the preferred method of extraction used to keep the natural ingredients intact. Using this method helps to maintain the desirable qualities in the oil. Pure Argan oil should always be extracted using this method.
To produce Argan oil for cosmetic purposes, pressure is used to compress the seeds. They are then filtered through a sieve. The oil must be pressed at a temperature below 60 degrees Celsius. This allows for the oil to keep for 18 months without oxidizing, otherwise, the oil would only have a 3-month shelf life.
The cold pressed process is essential in extracting high quality oil. The main benefit is that it separates the oil from the seeds without the use of chemicals. When you look for Argan oil on the market, you want to make sure that it is always extracted using the cold pressed method. Other forms of extraction use mechanical methods that degrade the oil of its nutrients and quality.